Exactly What I Wanted

“This is perfect for what I wanted. I changed all the lights in my room so that I could turn them all off with my phone. Yes, a little lazy, but all 3 lights have to be turned off individually, so this turned out to be a great solution. As long as the switch stays in the on position, I've never had to reconnect to the light.”

Amazon Customer on November 21, 2015

Perfect smart bulb for the ultimate smart home!!!

“Upgrading your home lighting can help improve the appearance of your home tremendously. Cool lighting features like this can also make your home more hip and modern. If you have been thinking about upgrading to multi color changing light bulbs then I highly recommend this model made by Magic Light. The light bulb is energy efficient, has a lifespan of 20,000 hours and allows for 16 million different color options, which I’m certain you won’t feel limited with your color selection. This light bulb has many great features to offer…”

samTOP on july 30, 2015

easy to set up,
and lots of fun

“Easy to use with a very user friendly app. The white light is as bright as the CFLs I replaced.
I wanted them so I could set a timer on each bulb, but they do much more than I need!
Lots of fun”

cara on August 23, 2015

The Hands Down Best LED Light Bulb System

“This is a great bluetooth LED light bulb. As someone who has previously owned the Philips Hue, these bulbs are nearly as good for a fraction of the price and you are not forced to buy a wireless hub and be stuck in the Philips ecosystem like you are with the Hue. The colors are vibrant and they app has some great features like setting the lights on and off at certain times and strobe settings as well as the ability to play to music.”

TheCompostMan on March 7, 2015

Great Product, Great Price and Works Great

“This is a amazing product. I always considered getting a lighting system and most of the time I had the Philips Hue on my mind, but I never wanted to pay the huge price tag that came associated with it. Then I came across The Magic Light Bluetooth light bulb for the fraction of the price that did all the things I wanted in a lighting system. The installation is easy, the set up is as simple as downloading the application and the functions are pretty cool, you certainly get your money's worth. The colors on this bulb are very bright and can easily be seen and have the ability to give any room in your home personality. I will be getting more bulbs to use throughout my home and I will certainly recommend this product.”

TLO718 on September 15, 2015

love the bulb!

“The alarm setting is great. Honestly, the main reason I bought a smart bulb in the first place. I can wake up to a red light in the morning. Not upsetting to my eyes, But I can see and it helps me wake up. Keep up the good work magic people!”

Travis Opperudon October 16, 2016

These light bulbs are amazing.

“These light bulbs are amazing. I have 3 now and each has it's own special function. One is used as an outdoor light (it's under a covered porch and has additional cover around it) which is great for lighting up the path form the car to doorway, way before our old flood light would see us. Another one in the living room when we want mood lighting while watching movies and it's fun to change it on the fly to go with certain scenes of a movie. And the other one in the bedroom. It's nice to be able to turn the light off from the comfort of your bed and the alarm clock feature is great as well; having the natural light slowly turn on as you wake up is way better than a blaring alarm clock.”

SirDucky85on October 3, 2016

one cool gadget!

“This bulb is so cool. It might be the most fun product I've ever bought. I can't tell you how many people are impressed with this light when I turn it on with my phone, not to mention all the colors it can change. It's definitely a conversation piece. I can't wait to buy another one and link them together.”

kellyon March 21, 2015

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