MagicConnect Bluetooth Mesh Smart Bridge Set Up

Magicconnect bluetooth mesh smart bridge set up

Smart Bridge Indicator Lights Description
1: PWR Indicator Light(Red)

  • ON: The smart bridge is on.
  • OFF: The smart bridge is not getting power.

2: LAN Indicator Light(Blue)

  • Blinking slowly (1 second): Intelligent network connection mode.
  • Cyclic on and off (slow): AP (access point) Mode
  • Flickering: The smart Bridge is attempting to establish a connection to your router.
  • Solid blue: The smart bridge is fully connected to your router.

3: WAN Indicator light (Blue)

  • Blinking (slow): Device is connecting to the cloud server.
  • Solid Blue: Device connected successfully.

Key Functions

  • Restore factory settings: Press and hold the button on your Bridge for 15 seconds. The WAN&LAN lights slow sync flash for 5 seconds indicating a successful reset.
  • Intelligent connection mode: Short press (within 1 second).It will restore to the original state if there is no operation within ten minutes.
  • AP Mode: Press and hold the key for 5~8 seconds. It will restore to the original state if there is no operation within ten minutes.

First Step: Download the "MagicConnect Mesh" app

Search for "MagicConnect Mesh" in either the Google play store or Apple App store.

Or click the link below.

Apple app - Click Here

Android app - Click Here

Second Step: Adding your new light

1. Install your light and power it on. The light will dim and brighten while it's waiting to be set up for the first time. If not, follow the instructions in THIS VIDEO to factory reset your bulb.

Open the "MagicConnect Mesh" app, sign up for an account and log in.

2. If this is your first time setting up your MagicConnect account, click on "Create a new place". The app will scan and add nearby smart bulbs automatically. Enter the name of the place (for example, if you're setting it up in your home, name it "Home") and then click "Finished".

Third Step: Adding the Smart Bridge

*The Smart Bridge will allow you to do the following:

  • Control your lights using voice commands via the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Tmall Genie.
  • Control your lights from anywhere in the world.

Click on the Menu magicconnect  in the top left corner of the MaggicConnect App then click "Smart Bridge Settings".

Follow the instructions in the app, press the button on your Smart Bridge, and make sure the LAN indicator light flashes slowly (1 sec). Click on "Confirm indicator light flashes slowly" on the APP, then enter your WiFi password and click on "Next".


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