Why a MagicLight Smart Bulb is a Must Have for Any Home

There are many reasons to have your home full of MagicLight lightbulbs. Aside from the obvious “WOW” factor of having all the lights in your house controlled through one device like a smart phone or tablet, MagicLight is a must have for many other reasons as well.

  1. Safety

When you use MagicLight smart bulbs in your home, you have the power to control every light in your house with the push of a button or voice commands if you’re using a WiFi bulb set up with Amazon Alexa. (Check out our Alexa set up guide here). This can be incredibly useful on many different occasions. How many times have plans come up without warning that keep you from home well into the evening hours when it’s pitch black outside? Using our WiFi bulbs, you can turn your bulbs on before you arrive, even when you’re on the other side of town. That way, you’re not pulling up to a scary dark house.  This can all be done with our simple app.

All of your MagicLight smart bulbs can be labeled in your app, making it easy to select which room you want to illuminate!

Not only will this deter intruders, but you can ensure you are walking into a well-lit room without fumbling over things trying to find the light switch!

  1. Personalized Nightlights

For those of us with children, or even if you’re an adult that doesn’t like the dark, your MagicLight lightbulb can be customized to your linking! If you do have children that live with you, we’ve all dealt with the night crying when a nightmare hits. Even if nightmares aren’t common, just the thought of sleeping in a room alone in the dark is sometimes enough to send children to dream up all kinds of scary things scattered around their bedroom.

Here’s how MagicLight can help. You can operate each room’s lightbulbs from any room of the house. The best part? There are settings that will allow you to save different lighting options. This means you don’t have to turn a lamp on full power. Instead, turn the bulb to a softer pink or purple tone at a lower percentage, and the room will fill with light, but not enough to keep the kids up for the entire night.

This is also a great trick for adults who may not like the dark, either! Customize the lighting in your room to the specific light color and intensity that works best for you, and say goodbye to nightmares!

  1. A Great Way to Entertain

You already know that you can customize your MagicLight lightbulbs to whatever color and intensity that you’d like. The additional features that come along with the bulbs make them a great tool for entertainment when company comes over.

The MagicBulbs have a setting that will allow your lights to pulsate to music that you play through your phone! This is a fun, inexpensive way to set the mood for your next party. You can also use the microphone mode and the lights will blink in time to any sounds it picks up!

These are just three of the many uses that MagicLight offers! For more ideas and reasons to invest in MagicLight bulbs, take a look further in our blog!

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