Top Benefits of Smart LED Light Bulbs

1. Our bulbs can be used as a normal bulb or a color changing light bulb.

MagicLights bulbs are much more than fun color changing light bulbs.  Sure, changing the color of your lights with your voice or MagicLight app is fun but our smart bulbs also function as normal energy saving LED bulbs.  Our Warm White and Tunable White smart bulbs cost less if you don't care about the color changing function and can still be controlled using our app or by using voice commands (Wifi bulbs only) if you have a device like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

2. Variety of bulb styles.

We now carry lower wattage smart bulbs like our 4.5 W (40-watt equivalent)smart bulb, available in WiFi or Bluetooth.  Need something bright enough to light up a large room? Our BR30 Floodlight is a 10 Watt bulb that puts out 80 Watts of equivalent brightness and has every color imaginable! We also carry strip lights which can easily fit behind a TV, Mirror, Bed Frame, or Vaulted Ceilings to create an absolutely stunning look to any room!

3. Influence your mood with color.

 There have been numerous studies that prove how color affects our mood. Change your lights to a cool blue to help give you a natural boost of energy.  Tone down the color temperature to a warm white to help wind down from a stressful day.  Turn to a vibrant green color to help with creativity.  Or even use multiple bulbs to match the theme for a party! There are 100's of useful ways you can use a color changing smart bulb

4. A smart bulb as a security light.

What if you could turn your lights on and off while on vacation, anywhere in the world?  If your home lights are never on while you're away, it's a clear sign to burglars that no one is home.  Set up random timers in your smart app so your lights automatically turn on and off or manually turn your lights on and off at random to give the appearance that you're home! Add extra security to your ring doorbell or home security and turn your lights on when someone knocks at your front door!

5. A bulb for people with limited mobility.

Everyone loved "The Clapper" because of how convenient it was to clap from anywhere in the room to turn the lights off.  The problem with that was if you had multiple bulbs in different rooms, you would have to walk room to room and clap away.  As technology evolves you can now turn your bulbs off using your voice (WiFi bulbs only with a smart device like Amazon Alexa) or through a smart bulb app like the MagicLight app.


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