The psychology of color

color changing bulb psychology of color smart bulb

When some people want to feel better, they find comfort in food or shopping. Often times, something as simple as looking at a certain color can be enough to put you in a better mood, especially when you’re around that color at home.  Do you want to feel more inspired, comfortable, romantic, or energetic? You would be amazed at just how much color will affect your mood.

Plain walls vs colored walls

Have you ever been in a small room with all white walls? It probably didn’t arise a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Adding color to that same small room will make it feel more spacious and livable or make a large room feel more intimate. There are solutions to adding color even if you don’t want to paint because you’re renting or you’re worried that you’ll change your mind soon after painting.

One way would be large painting or pictures to boring walls. An even better way would be to splash some color on your wall using light. Not just a regular solid colored bulb, but a smart bulb that you can actually control the color of.  That way, as your mood changes so can your colors.

You can make a narrow room feel larger than it really is by adding different colors to opposite walls. This can be done with paint or light. The color you decide on, along with the accessories in your home, all create a mood. Do you like a nautical theme with fish, boats, or coral? Try adding some light blue or teal. Adding a splash of blue light with a smart bulb can really make the environment come to life and pop, wowing guest and leaving you in a better mood.

Color is everywhere and can even control how we feel during movies. Different scenes will have dominate colors which will help tug at your emotions and direct your feelings.  Even airlines are adding colors, like blue, to their cabins to calm passengers.

If our emotions can be so easily controlled by colors when we’re outside our homes, why don’t more people take advantage of this in their homes?

It could be because painting takes too much time, is too expensive, or you just might be afraid that you’ll change your might shortly after. That’s what makes a color-changing smart bulb so powerful! A color that makes you feel good in the summer, might not make you feel the same way in the winter or Monday might be a good day for the color blue to help bring in the new work week.  Look at some of your favorite photos. Landscapes, places you want to travel, or your favorite animals and pick out the colors that make you happy. You’ll be amazed how something like color can do so much to change your mood.

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