The perfect gift for that special someone this holiday season!

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There’s always at least one person who you’re just not sure what gift to get!  Maybe something generic from your local department store, but who knows if they’ll ever use it.  One gift that everyone will use is a light bulb.  I’m not talking about just ANY light bulb, but a smart light by MagicLight.  Our WiFi bulbs are compatible with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Home Assistant. That means you can control your smart bulbs using voice commands! Here are just a few reasons that are awesome.

  1. No more fumbling in the dark to turn on the light. Simply ask Google Assistant or Alexa to turn on the light before risking stepping on a tail, lego, or slamming your toe into the corning of your bed.
  2. Know anyone with limited mobility? A big marketing angle the “Clapper” took was to make life easier for seniors. Turning on and off the lights is something we do every day and the ability to use your voice or phone to control your lights can make life a lot easier.
  3. Movie time just got an upgrade with dimmable LED lights! Movies are better when the lights are dimmed. Ask Alexa to dim the lights to 20% without having to get out of your favorite spot on the couch. Watching a movie like Finding Nemo? Ask the Google Assistant to turn the lights to blue to match the mood of the movie to further enhance the experience.

These are just a few of the MANY ways you can enjoy a smart bulb.

Don’t care about the color changing option?  We also offer white bulbs that have the same functions of our popular color changing bulbs.  Some of these functions include dimming the bulb, turning your bulb on/off, or changing the color temperature through either voice commands or your smart device.

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