The Many Ways To Use Custom Function With Your Smart Bulb

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MagicLight WiFi Smart BulbOne of the most versatile parts of our MagicLight app is the "Customs" color grid. It can turn a normal dinner into a tropical luau under a Maui sunset.  You can program your favorite team's colors to rotate in/out during a game, and much more!

In this example, we'll go over how to program a Maui sunset using either your Bluetooth bulb or WiFi bulb.  Lets first start out by selecting the "Functions" tab in the MagicLight App. You can pick from 20 premade functions like the popular 7 color crossfade.  At the top, let's tap the "customs" tab and tap "Create".

Magiclight custom functions

Here, you'll see 16 black boxes. Tap the boxes in order from left to right and select your favorite color and the brightness you would like it to appear. Once you find a color tap Confirm and that color will fill in the empty box. 

MagicLight smart bulb app

In this example, I picked the colors pink, blue, and orange to mimic a colorful sunset.

Pick anywhere from 2 to 16 of your favorite colors. Now that your colors are added, you have a few more options.

1. Gradual - This will fade between colors at your desired speed. Great for relaxing!

2. Jumping - This mode will switch from color to color with no transition. Great for showing your team colors!

3. Strobe - Your light will blink the desired color and turn off. Great for Halloween and parties!

Your Smart Bulb is now ready to display all your selected colors.  Just click save and select which custom mode you would like your Smart bulb to display.

*Note: If you choose two smart bulbs to display the same pattern of colors they will not be able to stay in sync. 

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