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interior lighting lighting advice lighting tips smart bulb sunrise light sunrise simulator

Are you looking to add a little more color to your home?  The great thing about our color changing bulbs is that they can also be used as normal bulbs that put off a warm white color.   In this lesson, we’ll do over different lamps, fixtures, and bulbs that will illuminate your home in ways you never thought possible.

What type of lighting should each room have?

To create that perfect ambiance and make your home not only more beautiful but more functional you’ll want to have a mix of light sources with different brightness’s and colors.


This should be one of the most comfortable rooms in your house with a lamp on either side for reading. Our 7 Watt (60-watt equivalent) smart lights will provide enough light and have dimmers that can be controlled by your smart phone to set the desired level of intimate lighting.  A lamp with a sheer white shade works best.  A nightstand light will work perfectly with our Bluetooth light bulb if you plan on using our “Sunrise and Sunset”.  The sunrise simulator is a big reason people buy our lights. Waking up to a gradual brightness is a less stressful way to effectively wake up in the morning using light instead of sound.  Track lighting or any directional lights should be pointed away from the bed.

Living Room

This is a room for fun and will allow for the most creativity.  Add light to highlight artwork, plants, furniture and 1 or 2 light that can set the desired mood. A small lamp with our 7.5 Watt Bluetooth light will allow you to set the color for the evening. Either a sports game, movie, birthday, date night or party, you have the option to set any color to best match the event!

Dining Room

The dinner table should have the most light on it to draw attention. I recommend our 10 Watt Pro bulb (80-watt equivalent) placed in a pendant light or chandelier. If the light is too intense, it can be dimmed from your smart phone. Consider a red or warm white to create a comfortable setting. The color red will not only make your skin look better, but will also increase appetite.

Home Office

I recommend a small lamp for your desk that can easily be moved to accommodate a variety of workloads. A tall lamp should be placed in the corner of the room to reduce strain on your eyes. Having a light in the distance that illuminates your favorite picture, or even a wall, helps ease the tension on the muscles in your eyes when you look up to focus at a far distance. Looking away from your book or computer screen every 10 minutes is good to help prevent eye strain and help with your overall vision. The color blue will bring a refreshing energy.   Yellow will bring optimism and happiness.  Play around with different colors using the MagicLight app and find one that best fits your mood.

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