How to do a Staycation at home.


It’s almost the end of summer, and you just haven't had the time to take a summer vacation! Whether you were too busy at work, or just don’t have enough time off earned to take a full week off, don’t worry. Use these 5 ideas to set your home up for a summer Staycation spot that will leave you feeling fresh, pampered, and relaxed!

1. Set up a spa retreat in your bathroom.

Set up a spa retreat in your very own bathroom. Burn some lushly scented candles, add some opulent spa-quality bath beads to the water, and slide into the bathtub for a long, relaxing soak. Use your thickest, best towels to dry off with. You know the towels...the ones you reserve for when Mom visits.

2. Dine under the stars.

Bluetooth bulbWiFi bulb, set the table with your best tableware, and feast under the stars. You’ll love feeling the cool evening breeze as you linger over the romantic meal.

3. Set the mood with a combination of music and light.

Set the mood with music. Whether you want to relax to your slow jam playlist or get busy with a beat, you should really consider a Bluetooth speaker light in every room.

I’m not talking about those ugly speakers from the big box store. I’m talking about a Bluetooth speaker that’s as easy to install as...err...changing a light bulb. No need to stress about complicated installations. After all, it’s a Staycation!

4. Grill out!

It’s not a vacation without friends and loved ones. Get social and grill out. You’ll love being able to mix and mingle without worrying about getting up in the morning. While you’re at it, put out disposable decorations and use no-mess disposable plates. Enjoy your time with your loved ones!

5. Snuggle down in your best sheets.

Luxury resorts have fabulous sheets. Since you’re skipping the funds on a vacation, spend the money and treat yourself to high thread count sheets. The investment will last you for much longer than that trip to Cancun would have!

In conclusion, you don’t need to take a trip to get some well-earned time off. Use these 5 tricks to turning your home into a Staycation spot.

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