Google is going all out at CES this year.

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 Google CES Smart Home

With tons of helpers dressed in all white scattered throughout the massive convention center handing out the Google assistant cards, to their enormous ads shown on almost every Megatron in Vegas, to the shuttle wrapped in a giant “Hey Google”, to their fun looking bright exhibit that shows off how amazing the Google Assistant can be with your smart home.  MagicLight had an early invite to be shown around their booth ahead of the crowd to check out our smart bulbs on display but thanks to some heavy rains and a leaky roof Google had to cancel the first day. 

The exhibit sits outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, away from the crowded booths crammed inside. One side features a 2-story tall screen that shows off some ways to use the Google Assistant. Make your way in and Google shows off all kinds of interesting ways how a virtual assistant can make your life easier.  I certainly learned a few new ones!

My favorite use of the Google Assistant (I might be a little bias) is using it to control my lights!  While MagicLight wasn’t the only smart bulb on display, it is the bulb that will give you the most bang for your buck. Using your Google Home or Google Assistant on your phone to control your smart lights is just a small part of what makes MagicLight bulbs the best LED smart bulbs out there! I will include a list of voice commands you can use to control your lights down below.

The battle is on for assistant supremacy.  It’s the Google Assistant vs. Amazon Alexa.  Amazon had a strong head start and their Echo device is pretty amazing. When it first came out, it was fun showing off to friends how easy it was to skip songs, ask questions, and check the weather all through one speaker. But Google makes some darn good stuff and it’s just a matter of time before Google Assistant devices dominate the market. We’re already starting to see more and more devices come with the Google Assistant as a built-in feature. As of writing this, there are over 225 home control brands and more than 1,500 devices.

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