Boost Employee Morale and Increase Productivity by Using a Color Changing Smart Light!

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While smart lighting is just recently becoming common place in the office and home, the benefits of providing smart lighting in a business has seen an incredible increase in the last few months!

From art galleries needing to set a certain mood, to musicians wanting to create an unforgettable light show during their performance, smart lighting isn’t just for the creative types anymore!

The simple task of changing out regular florescent bulbs to smart bulbs that can be controlled and personalized, increase productivity, boost morale, and make for a great conversation piece in any office. Businesses all over the world have seen the effects of smart lighting, and are willing to add this small feature to their buildings.

Why Smart Lighting?

Cost! Businesses exist to make money – that’s why they’re created. While there are a ton of different types of business’s, one thing they have in common are that they’re run by people. Things like smart bulbs may not be a number one priority when pricing out ways to increase productivity amongst your staff, but consider this fact – smart bulbs are SIGNIFICANTLY more efficient than other lightbulbs on the market. We’re talking bulbs that last 3 times longer than compact florescent lights and over 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs!

When these numbers are written out, it’s easy to see why investing in smart bulbs in just good business sense!

Retail costs aside, let’s talk about how smart lighting can interact with your employee’s movements. If an area of your building isn’t used frequently throughout the day, why keep lights on consistently? Employees may enter and exit the restrooms, breakrooms, and conference rooms regularly… and having a smart light installed can ensure that the lights are only on when your business is open. With the MagicLight bulb app, you can set timers for groups of bulbs so you don’t have to worry about leaving the lights on at night. This decreases your energy output, and therefore, decreases the energy bill!

Use Colors to Increase Productivity

Employee productivity is extremely important in office settings. While great offices boast a good work life balance, the “work hard, play hard” mentality is more and more prevalent in the workplace. A MagicLight Smart light bulb can come in extremely handy with their ability to change the color of the office from warm white to bright orange…or cool white to light blue. There are over 16 million color options to choose from with a MagicLight smart bulb, and each color can have a significant effect on morale and productivity.

Energize your employees by providing a blue light (studies have shown that blue lights produce more alert and active responses), and help them relax after a particularly stressful project with the help of a red glow.

This is an effective and incredibly easy way to help your employees focus and engage in their work more thoroughly. If changing the lighting color in a work space means more productivity– why not take an inexpensive method to produce results?

A good manager and owner knows that the more productive a team is, the more money that comes in the door, providing more profit for the business unit overall.

Brightness Matters!

In addition to changing the actual color of the light in your office space, what about changing the brightness of the lights as well? It may take some trial and error, but as a business owner, you can see what level of brightness produces the best results from your team! There’s always a balance between too much light and too little, so being flexible and really tracking results is highly important in this step!

Keep the lights too dim and you risk sleepy employees, less concentration on projects, and even a decrease in mood. Too much light and you actually may see the same effects! Play around with your brightness levels, and make your smart lights work for you!

Everyone is Different

All employees are different, and will more than likely have different preferences on how they like to work with certain light levels. With a Magiclight smart bulb, each employee can have the option of controlling their own work station from the app, provided that they don’t disturb other members of the team! Let your staff decide what works best for them – and give them the control to set color and brightness for their individual needs.

With the help of MagicLight smart lighting, business productivity and employee morale can be increased quickly, efficiently, and with minimal cost! Let us know what you think about this idea in the comments below!

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