Best Dorm Room Decor - Cheap and Easy

paint with light party light stress reducing light study light wake up light bulb

Preparing to go back to school and want to make your dorm room the coolest in the building? We got you covered!  From colorful strip lights to voice-controlled WiFi smart bulbs, MagicLight has the cool tech to help you get through the school year in style. 

There are MANY benefits to installing color changing bulbs in your dorm room.

1. You can paint your walls with light. 

You probably can't paint your walls if you're renting. One quick and easy way around this is to use a smart light bulb like our Bluetooth light bulb and pick from one of the millions of color options and voila! 

2. Great light for parties.

From small to large parties, MagicLight bulbs really bring a party to life. Select the Music Sync function built into the app and your lights will dance to the music. 

3. Wake Up Light Bulb.

Have trouble waking up to an alarm or don't like being abruptly disturbed from a peaceful slumber? Our smart bulbs have a gradual "ON" function to help you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Perfect for those times you need to wake up before the sunrise!

4. Stress Reducing Light.

Let's face it, college dorms aren't exactly built to reduce stress. My college dorm room resembled a prison cell (not from experience, just what I've seen on TV =). By simply adding your favorite color to your room, you can de-stress and return to normal. There have been numerous studies showing all the positive side effects lights can have on your mood.  Pick an energizing blue to help pick you up and help study. Pick a calming orange or red to help get you ready for bed. Our lights are also dimmable from your phone so you can dim your lights without having to get out of bed!

5. Study Light.

 Have you ever tried to study under a white fluorescent light? It can drive you mad! Not only that but if you have a roommate, they're going to wish you had a bulb that doesn't light up the whole room! With a MagicLight, not only can you pick your favorite color to study with, you can dim it if other people are trying to sleep!

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