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Are you looking forward to hosting a Labor Day cookout? Make it epic! Here are five fun ideas for outdoor entertaining over the holiday weekend. Labor Day marks the last chance to enjoy some summer shenanigans and partying outside is the way to go!

Try these five fun ideas.

1. Save time with pre-mixed cocktails in mason jars.

outdoor party ideasEnjoy your party, prep ahead so you can enjoy instead of spending the afternoon mixing drinks. Pre-mix cocktails in pint-sized mason jars, cap them tightly and set them into a cooler filled with ice. Guests can help themselves to an amazingly cute and refreshing cocktail whenever they get thirsty.

2. Pull out your red, white, and blue.

Labor Day is a celebration honoring the American working. Celebrate this national holiday by decorating in red, white, and blue. It’s an instant American classic. The combination is fun and festive. Make some colorful skewers out of strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, and marshmallows! It’s easy and sure to impress! Set some color changing MagicLight bulbs to Red, White, and Blue.  You may even save a few dollars if you can recycle some of your Fourth of July decorations. Your MagicLight bulbs can be reused for any holiday or party!  Boo-yah.

3. Matching your music to your light.

Great music really can get the party started. Load your phone with a playlist filled with a favorite music, set your MagicLight app to the microphone function and watch your light dance to the music. You can even add a MagicLight Bluetooth speaker bulb to combine a speaker and color changing light to the party!  These speakers are integrated into your light bulb.

4. Set up a Treats and Snacks stand!

party ideasLabor Day weekend can be one of the hottest weekends of the year but it’s never too hot for some s'mores! Set up a stack of easy to find options like graham crackers, pretzels, chocolate bars, marshmallows, and if you want to get daring, add some Reeses to put a different twist on the s'more!

5. A tiny gift to remember.

Everyone loves getting gifts. Even if it’s a tiny set of fruity chapsticks! Spend just a little extra time and money on gift bags and your guests will be left with a smile on their face.

Follow these 5 fun tips, and you will throw the most epic Labor Day cookout ever!

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